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Jos Voskuil


Jos Voskuil

Jos Voskuil
Consultant, TacIT, Netherlands


Jos Voskuil, aka virtualdutchman from his blog, has been working for over 20 years in the world of PDM and PLM in a unique role:  interfacing between all stakeholders involved in a PLM implementation. Using his experience of implementing and leading PLM implementations in the mid-market during the nineties, Jos has focused on areas of coaching implementation teams, mediating installed PLM implementations, explaining best practices for PLM awareness and the need for change management in order to achieve strategic business goals.

Presenting: Moving from a Document-centric to a Data-centric Approach & the Related PLM Upgrade Challenges

24 Feb 2015, 11:30

Document Management is a new term but far from a new practice; ever since companies moved away from handwritten records they have instead been managing documents. This has evolved over time from going paperless to the desktop creation and email sharing of documents to the most advanced form, where the documents are shared via a server (PLM). It has its benefits but the problem arises when document management systems use documents as databases and are used to update, manage, store and share data.

This session will examine the transition from a document management model to a data-centric one and will discuss the projected benefits and challanges that arise because of the related platform upgrades necessary in becoming ever-more digital and connected.

  • Why does a document-management approach not work in today's more connected world?
  • What are the main disadvantages of managing data this way - siloed data, multiple entry points and wasted resource
  • How are the newer iterations of existing PLM platforms changing this model of working?
  • What will the new model mean for and demand from your organisation?
  • How do you overcome the additional complexity of changing the mindset and business around data?
  • As we move further into a connected world and the cloud, how will this help streamline your transition?