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Dagmar Heinrich


Dagmar Heinrich

Dagmar Heinrich
Head of PLM, Huber+Suhner AG, Switzerland


Dagmar Heinrich works at Huber+Suhner where she oversees CAD, PDM, SAP PLM / Pronovia, MDM and Variant configuration and is running a long-term initiative to remodel PLM into an end to end process. Before this appointment, Dagmar was Professor, PLM and CAx at the School of Applied Technology in Rapperswil, SG where she worked closely with a number of industrial companies on PLM projects and implementations. Dagmar has also held positions in the automotive, aerospace, defense and other industrial areas and has always worked on projects in female career promotion and females in technical domains.

Presenting: Focus Group - Being Louder, Faster & Leaner through Business Strategy & IT Alignment

25 Feb 2015, 02:20

PLM is seen by most companies as an IT platform; PLM is often left to the IT team to deploy and manage. It is selected and deployed with strict short and long -term goals in mind and it is these business areas that are sensibly made the priority. It is often only after its deployment that the business gets involved. So what's the next stage?

Those business areas using PLM first act as the pilot projects for its future; the company starts to ask what else the technology can do and where else its functionality might be applicable. As such, it begins to be deployed in adjacent business areas. Barring the initial target areas, this method focusses on what the technology can do first and how the business could then benefit second. But are these really the major pain points of the business?

Dagmar Heinrich was given a task: to conduct a full business analysis, understand how the business was dealing with PLM, what the issues were and how these aligned with their overall business strategy. As such they focussed on areas that supported what the strategy wanted and as such aimed to get more immediate ROIs.

How do you manage your PLM and how it should develop with the business in your organisation ensuring your business and IT are aligned to better support overall growth strategy?