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Martin Eigner


Martin Eigner

Martin Eigner
Prof. h.c. (mult), Dr.-Ing., Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


Martin Eigner is Chair of Virtual Product Engineering (VPE) at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and is a member of multiple advisory boards across various professional and academic associations, including the ProSTEP Association (Automotive), GfSE (German Subsidary of INCOSE), WiGeP (Association of German Institutes for Product Development) and acatech (technical academy). 


Presenting: Utilizing Industrie 4.0, IoT and Related Platforms to Boost a More Interdisciplinary Approach to Product Lifecycle

24 Feb 2015, 11:30

Companies invest and deploy lifecycle management technologies as a supporting infrastructure of a true 'end-to-end' vision. On paper this is all good and well but in practice, this transparency is actually unachievable in most cases and leads to a siloed value chain: PLM for design of product, ALM for development of software and SLM for management of service. However, with the introduction of IoT and related platforms, the model is changing and Professor Eigner will discuss how you must change in order to reap the benefits.

  • How is IoT affecting the investment and development trends of lifecycle management platforms?
  • Strengthening a true interdisciplinary approach to product lifecycle from concept to service and recycle
  • Upstream integration of Industrie 4.0/IoT in design - model-based engineering
  • Downstream integration in service to effectively connect product with quality, safety and maintenance
  • Extending the focus of lifecycle management tools across the value chain
  • Equipping PLM to support the design and operational aspects of communicating products