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Peter Bilello


Peter Bilello

Peter Bilello
President, CIMdata, USA


Peter Bilello, President of the strategic management consulting and research firm CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on PLM—has more than 24 years of experience in the development of business-enabling information technology (IT) solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide.

Presenting: The PLM Platform Comes of Age

24 Feb 2015, 09:00

The PLM industry has entered an accelerating era of end-to-end business platform enablement, and recent development and acquisition strategies illustrate PLM solution provider direction and industry requirements. The shift towards enabling robust and resilient business platforms requires a fundamental change for both industrial users and PLM solution providers. Industrial companies who wish to implement enterprise business platforms now or in the future must rethink their solution set strategy, and how they identify, assess, and deploy enabling technologies. They must also identify and adhere to standards and the openness of interfaces that permit their chosen solutions to be adaptable, maintainable, extensible, scalable, compatible, stable, and reliable over multiple upgrade cycles. This presentation will describe this major industry development and what this means to the future of PLM.